Direct Mail Marketing

Digital communications are increasingly important, but this shouldn’t mean that we overlook traditional approaches such as Direct Mail. It has stood the test of time because it’s such a powerful channel — and a critical component of cross-channel marketing campaigns. The vast majority of brands continue to use direct mail campaigns as a highly effective way of making meaningful connections with their customers — and to find new ones.

Direct Mail Specialists

Experian Marketing Services brings years of experience, depth of expertise and technology solutions to bring your print materials to the customers who want to buy your products and services.

As well as optimising Direct Mail in its own right, the Cross-Channel Marketing Platform (CCMP) combines the advantages of direct mail engagement with all the benefits of the digital age. Harnessing customer data, through solutions such as Mosaic and Financial Strategy Segments (FSS), Direct Mail Marketing is as automated, targeted and cost efficient as any other channel:

  • ensure quality over quantity by harnessing customer data and insight, targeting products and services to those who will appreciate them;
  • realise ROI by improving efficiency, cut the reputational costs associated with unsolicited or irrelevant mailings and improve conversion rates;
  • reduce printer and data processing fees for direct mail campaigns by generating fully rendered print-ready files, along with the necessary postal pre-sort documentation;
  • automatically trigger the delivery of highly personalised print pieces based on cross-channel customer interactions;
  • make Direct Mail a part of cross-channel marketing strategies by, for example, integrating measurement, following up offers and promotions by email and using personalised URLs/QR codes to direct customers to mobile landing pages or online registration forms.

Find out how Direct Mail becomes an integral and valuable part of your marketing strategies by contacting us today.

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