Database Services

Harness your customer data for effective cross-channel marketing campaign management.
Placing the customer at the heart of modern marketing demands simplicity and precision, but the reality is often cross-channel data complexity. Data comes in from a vast array of sources and is stored in a plethora of databases, so how do you use it to bring insight to every aspect of your business?  Your customers are moving fast, and you need to keep up if they’re to stay with you.

Experian has the people, data resources and technology to help you bring all of your data sources together and harness them to achieve business objectives. Our specialist support means that you identify, target and engage with ever-more relevant messages — for more effective customer engagement, marketing campaign management and measurable ROI.

A single database for cross-channel insight

Our Cross-Channel Marketing Platform allows you to manage and execute all customer interactions within a simple system, in real-time. Instead of multiple information silos holding disjointed information, you access all the insight you need from a single, integrated and powerful marketing database. Now, with all data coming together to focus on marketing objectives, you stay with and understand your customers across whatever channels they use.

At whatever stage of the customer engagement journey you're at or want to reach, Experian is able to create a scalable and flexible marketing and customer database within our Cross-Channel Marketing Platforms to suit you. Each database is created based on our unique combination of industry-leading marketing data, advanced technologies and extensive expertise - for a truly tailored database, as unique as your marketing needs.

We keep pace with your company's cross-channel marketing ambition, growth and vision. the intelligent combination of information sources, including in-house, third party and proprietary data, expert consultation and smart strategies allows you to build the perfect  customer engagement platform. It means you create more intelligent and effective customer interactions across all channels that exceed customer expectations every time. 

Industry leading marketing data

  • online and offline data validation and integration;
  • data insight on 42.3 million consumers, with more than 500 lifestyle and segmentation data attributes — including online and digital information;
  • online and offline data online and offline data linkage using ChannelView.

Extensive expertise - more than 25 years' experience

  • implementation support;
  • data consultancy and best practice;
  • managed campaign services;
  • campaign analysis, modelling, and cross-channel marketing optimisation.
  • keep and grow relationships by generating more engaging content and interactions with an attractive and qualified target audience.
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