Mosaic in action

With Mosaic, you have the means to communicate consistent messages across all channels to attract profitable new prospects, retain existing customers and engage consumers with the most relevant messages by the most appropriate channel.

Mosaic provides real-world insight representing real customers. It is accurate, customisable, actionable, rich and dynamic across all channels.

How can Mosaic help?

Mosaic gives you an in-depth understanding of customers that allows you to:

  • Segment your customers with one consistent classification system
  • Identify and attract profitable new customers
  • Retain and engage existing customers
  • Increase customer value and loyalty
  • Plan cross-channel marketing
  • Accurately communicate with consistent messages across all channels
  • Position sites or stores in the right place by understanding catchment profiles


         UK brochure

Mosaic UK brochure

Mosaic is Experian’s most comprehensive cross-channel consumer classification, built for today’s hyper-connected world. View now >


         Scotland brochure

Mosaic Scotland brochure

Using new data and analytical methods, you get deeper insights on consumer lifestyles and behaviour to help you make more informed marketing decisions. View now >


Mosaic Public
         Sector brochure

Mosaic Public Sector brochure

Each citizen is an individual. Mosaic Public Sector enables you to treat them in that way. View now >


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