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Changing demographics are a constant challenge for organisations, making it more important than ever to keep on top of where your customers are for successful engagement.

Location Analyst provides access to the UK census and award-winning market segmentation data in clear, detailed, local area information reports - specified by you. Using this knowledge enables you to keep pace with changes, providing greater insight on customers, areas and markets you serve. Whatever the time, wherever you are located, Location Analyst provides you with actionable information to improve insights and support your decision making.

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Location Analyst is a web-based tool that enables you to:

  • Understand your customers
    Import consumer postcodes and then segment and profile them using Experian's Mosaic UK consumer classification.
  • Visualise your data
    Map the location and coverage of your customers, sites and competitors; report on the coverage of products and services and visualise sales territories or trade areas.
  • Benchmark performance
    Compare and rank areas of the country to identify the concentration of your customers by store catchment, local media or postal geography.
  • Identify the attractiveness/potential of sales or trade areas
    Define a sales territory or trade area, profile the area and report on it using Experian's range of local market information.

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