Email marketing technology that scales

For over a decade, global brand leaders have chosen CheetahMail to execute their email marketing strategy. Sending billions of emails a month and backed by the industry’s highest rated client services team, CheetahMail’s technology has helped over 2,000 brands maximise the relevance and precision of their email communications. From segmenting large customer files and deploying targeted email messages, CheetahMail provides the tools and functionality to optimise enterprise email programmes and drastically increase revenue and loyalty.

The future of email marketing

Today’s always on consumer expects a seamless, coordinated and relevant experience from your brand - regardless of channel and time of the day. This shift in consumer expectation means you’ll need to be able to plan, execute, manage and optimise simple and complex interactions across both online and offline channels to stay ahead.

Experian Marketing Services’ Cross-Channel Marketing Platform, part of the Experian Marketing Suite enables marketers to meet this challenge.

The Cross-Channel Marketing Platform offers an unparalleled opportunity for email marketers to expand their presence into other channels and seamlessly coordinate email campaigns with cross-channel communications. The result? Your customers will be engaged with the right message at the right time, every time.

Looking for the next generation of email marketing?

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