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In a world where consumers’ online and offline activities are increasingly integrated, it can be difficult to know how best to engage with your target audiences.

Only by understanding how consumers are living their lives online can organisations define effective multi-channel strategies on how to communicate and interact with their audiences.

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What is Mosaic Digital Insights?

Mosaic Digital Insights integrates Experian’s wealth of established offline and digital data, adding a new depth of insight into how customers behave and engage online.

We have created a series of distinct behavioural measures to help understand how each group in our existing Mosaic classification behaves online, by analysing over 1.2bn web page visits and 27m hours of online activity using Experian Hitwise.

From this analysis we created 15 dominant digital segments to summarise online activity. These segments can be linked back to the consumer using our existing Mosaic UK classification or low level geographical areas for area analysis.

The geography of the internet

We can deliver a detailed interpretation of online behaviour to low level geography, such as output area or postal sector. This new capability enables you to understand the impact of digital activity on brick locations and also measure the effect of localised marketing activity.

What does all this mean for marketers and brands?

Mosaic Digital Insights can help you to:

  • Identify and interpret online behaviour to leverage digital insight for true cross-channel marketing
  • Identify demographic and geographical hot spots for new customer acquisition marketing campaigns
  • Improve performance and return on investment for cross-channel marketing campaigns
  • Determine prime locations for local area marketing activity, such as in-store promotions, local press and outdoor advertising
  • Define custom audiences online, based on location and demographic insights
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