Met Office Case Study

Met Office drives up web traffic to capture new customers and boost advertising revenue

Founded in 1854 by providing Mariners with weather information, the Met Office now provides 3,000 forecasts and briefings a day, using super computing technologies. Customers of the Met Office work with range from governments and businesses, to the public and armed forces.

"Experian Marketing Service's ability to implement a cross-channel marketing approach enabled us to launch a successful combined Facebook and email campaign. Getting a clearer picture of who our potential customers were, meant we were able to engage with people more likely to be in a need of our services. Both the Facebook and email campaigns vastly outperformed their respective control groups and we can clearly attribute this to be the benefits of the cross-channel strategy."

Simon Swan, Online Planning and Marketing Manager, Met Office


The Met Office website is hugely popular, reading on average 4.5million unique visits for a month and 6 milllion unique visits during peak times. Rgeraidng this, they began to explore ways of optimising the value of their website, introducing advertising and sponsorship opportunities. The aim they wanted to achieve was to provide customers with evermore relevant information and give advertisers the correct insight needed to engage with targeted messaging.


By utilising the online competitive intelligence solutions that Experian Marketing Services could provide, such as quality data resources, business analytics and a strong marketing know-how, the Met Office were able to transform a mass of information uinto insight that drives high value traffice to the website. This in turn encouraged both customer acquisition and retention regarding web visits, as well as becoming an attractive proposition to advertisers, increasing both volume and value of advertising content.

Met Office Case Study 

To view the results of the Met Office, download the case study.

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