Boden Case Study

Boden builds customer engagement with targeted email marketing strategies.

Growing from a home-based business to major international brand, Boden launched it's website operations in 1999. More than 75% of their sales now come form the web.

"Experian Cheetahmail has enabled Boden to send smarter and more targeted emails to our customers, resulting in healthy revenue per message. We believe in the system, its scalability and stability- but overall, we trust in the expertise of our Experian Cheetahmail support team to help us achieve our business goals".

Sarah Blair Gould, eCommerce Manager, Boden


Boden realised that a lot of it's engagement issues centred around a 'one size fits all' approach, and in 2009, they realised that with the explosion of customer generated data their email marketing was no longer efficient. They needed to develop a solution that targeted people's needs, segmenting customers based on transactional history and engaging efficiently with customers through personalised email campaigns.


Due to the high revenue generation through an online channel, Boden partnered with Experian Marketing Services, using their Cheetahmail Platform. The self-service client's marketing team was trained on how to use the platform, enabling them to strengthen their communication with their customers and engage more effectively with them.

Boden case studyDownload the Boden case study to see the results.

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