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By applying Experian’s Mosaic Public Sector segmentation system and Micromarketer Xpress mapping tool, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service now has a targeted approach towards helping those most at risk of a dwelling fire, and a structured methodology that dramatically improves communications between fire stations in the area.

The South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS) required a classification system to determine which households were most at risk of a fire, and could subsequently receive a free home fire safety check.

Given the large geographical area that SWFRS covers, they also wanted visual representation of which areas should be targeted, to save money by visiting multiple houses in close proximity as opposed to carrying out one visit at a time.

Experian combined two systems, Mosaic Public Sector and Micromarketer Xpress, to help SWFRS understand the needs and characteristics of their population and develop a targeted approach to home fire risk assessments. These were piloted and feedback gauged to ensure that the correct approach was adopted.

Mosaic Public Sector is the UK’s only classification designed specifically for use by the public sector and focuses on the needs of citizens. It  provides a detailed and accurate understanding of each citizen’s location, their demographics, lifestyles and behaviours.

The insight available through Mosaic allowed SWFRS to understand which message to target to which group of the population, and in what way to deliver the message. This approach meant that SWFRS could proactively engage the public to help reduce risk and ultimately prevent fires.

Micromarketer Xpress is an easy-to use mapping system with no need for GIS training, available through an internet connection and which can display Experian and service-specific incident data. Each fire station was given a mobile data device to view the relevant Mosaic Public Sector data on a map, so that they could view where they should be carrying out their Home Fire Safety Checks. This use of Micromarketer Xpress was particularly useful for field operatives, as the interactive guide could be viewed prior to visiting a household or area.

Station personnel from one designated watch at Penarth Station, with a target of 18 home fires safety checks per month, visited 201 addresses between 15/07/10 and 09/01/11. As a result they completed 113 High Risk Home Fire Safety Checks with a success rate in excess of 50 per cent.

There have been a number of benefits to SWFRS as a result of this programme. These include:

  • A full understanding of the community within South Wales and visibility of the highest risk groups, as well as the ability to identify any significant patterns between residential fires and socio-demographic type
  • Analysis using Mosaic allows SWFRS to predict the level of fire risk by individual household and underpin efficient resource allocation
  • Tailored messaging will ensure that the resources of the fire service are not wasted on untargeted communications activity
  • Increased efficiency has led to time savings and a reduction in paperwork, freeing resources to accommodate other aspects of fire stations’ Community Safety remit

“With the ever increasing diversity and risk that our crews face, Mosaic has been an invaluable asset to our organization. Within Community Safety and Partnerships the introduction of Mosaic and Micromarketer Xpress has created a fresh and entirely more accurate approach to targeting, allowing us to engage with the more vulnerable in our communities and ultimately undertake quality High Risk Home Fire Safety Checks. The potential of the data involved and the profiling and reporting measures that support that data will benefit all functions within community Safety and Partnerships.”

Martin Henderson, SWFRS Area Manager, Head of Risk Reduction

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