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Formed in 1984, Primesight is one of the UK’s leading outdoor advertising companies with ownership of a diverse portfolio of products in a range of environments. Primesight’s high-quality advertising sites are situated in major roadside locations and popular leisure destinations, such as private health clubs, cinema foyers and the UK’s 2nd biggest underground network, The Glasgow Subway.

In a highly competitive market, Primesight sought to set themselves apart from their competitors by offering their clients a unique understanding of the geodemographic profiles of local advertising sites to allow clients to strategically pinpoint advertising locations and drive campaign return on investment.

Historically, Primesight had a limited ability to geographically display their outdoor inventory to allow their clients sensible selection of outdoor packages based on proximity to key retailers. Primesight also lacked data on presence within neighbourhood or major retail centres. Inventory data was held remotely by a third party, Key Systems. In their search for a solution it was important Primesight retained the ability to dynamically interface with Key Systems to allow the real-time availability of inventory to be displayed and selected.

Primesight engaged the customer insight specialists’ Experian, who undertook an extensive scoping exercise to understand the structure of data held within Key Systems, and ensure a seamless integration.

It was decided that Alteryx, a frontend data flow tool would be used to provide an interface between Key Systems and Experian’s location planning software Micromarketer Generation3, allowing data to be simply ‘pulled’ from Key Systems and ‘pushed’ into Micromarketer.

With no further intervention from the user this data could then be mapped using core Micromarketer functionality. Selections could then be made from available inventory using existing Micromarketer datasets, such as Census data, Experian’s marketing leading consumer classification Mosaic UK, and Neighbourhood Segments information; enabling suitable sites to be selected for any given campaign. Once all selections had been made, the Micromarketer mapping layer containing these sites could be simply loaded back via the Alteryx interface into Key Systems and sent to the integrated booking system.

Through the integration of Alteryx and Experian’s Micromarketer, Primesight now has a system which allows planners to select only inventory which is available at any given time. They can now access this inventory geographically and spatially, make sensible selections based on existing Micromarketer functionality and local area demographics data, and then load the selected inventory back into their booking software.

Primesight is now fully equipped to offer their clients highly targeted campaign planning, and the ability to engage with the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

One award nominated example of how this integration is assisting Primesight clients with increased campaign conversions, is for a specialist telecommunications company who were looking to target ethnic groups through targeted outdoor advert placements in order to raise brand awareness in a crowded market. Working with Experian, Primesight was able to identify areas in the UK that could be defined as an ‘ethnic hotspot’.

Billboard locations were mapped against these areas to give the client a targeted Billboard campaign which provided the standout they needed but was only being seen by the selected audience they had defined.

This revolutionary campaign, emphasised the new Primesight strategy of targeting audiences not locations. It won a Gold Mediaweek award in  2010 and the client saw an increase in sales both during and after the campaign.

“Primesight understands the importance of helping clients effectively reach their target audience. With thousands of posters accross the country and a complex inventory management database it is vital that any data can be effectively integrated. The combination of the power of Mosaic segmentation, and the successful integration with Key Systems has provided a real business benefit for Primesight and our customers.”

Mungo Knott, Insight Director, Primesight

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