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In today’s rapidly changing media environment, the UK’s largest independent newspaper publisher, Express Distribution, part of the Midlands News Association Group, needs to deliver maximum impact if it is to optimise advertising revenue. It’s a highly competitive business sector where gaining an edge can be the difference between success and failure.

Express Distribution is working with Experian to gain this edge and deliver a healthy return on its high quality magazines, both for the company and its advertisers. Together they are helping to ensure that each and every copy hits the right doorstep — each and every time.

Express Distribution is continually evaluating new and better ways of connecting the right advertisers to the right audiences. In 2010 it used the opportunity offered by the launch of its new Wolverhampton Magazine to improve the way it targets distribution for this and the existing Shropshire Magazine. These are premier publications with a high quality look and feel that are delivered free to readers’ doors.

For similarly high end advertisers to commit to Express Distribution’s magazines, they need to know that they are being read by the people who will appreciate, and are most likely buy, their goods and services. With this level of investment from Express Distribution and its advertising partners, a ‘scattergun’ approach to distribution is not good enough. The group wants to be certain that the Wolverhampton and Shropshire Magazines are hitting the right target audience to deliver maximum ROI.

Building on a strong and productive existing relationship, Express Distribution called on Experian to provide a solution that could deliver the highly specialised demographic information they needed.

A robust methodology was developed that allowed the selection of their target audiences and key lifestyle characteristics to identify ‘who’ the magazines core readers were. With this information in hand, Experian’s industry-leading technologies formed a precise picture of the people they needed to reach and where they lived so that the magazines would have the greatest impact:

  • MicromarketerG3 is an integrated geographical analysis system (GIS) tool that provides Express Distribution with customer profiling, catchment definition, sales territory analysis, data modelling, mapping and visualisation.
  • Experian Mosaic UK provides Express Distribution with invaluable consumer insights and understanding to segment, target and acquire key audiences.
  • Combined together this insight allowed Express Distribution to analyse prospective neighbourhoods and identify groups of households who fit their target profile.

Express Distribution has launched the Wolverhampton Magazine and re-established the Shropshire Magazine — a significant contribution to their success is the ability to inspire confidence in advertisers on the relevance of the group’s magazines to discerning target audiences.

The Wolverhampton Magazine now has a distribution of over 16,000, with more delivered door to door per issue than any rival publication. Of the 16,000 copies, 12,560 are delivered to targeted Mosaic UK group households and 3,000 are available at selected premium retailers.

The partnership has been so successful that it is leading Express Distribution to embark on the launch of another new magazine, once again calling on Experian’s MicromarketerG3 and Mosaic UK solutions.

“Shropshire Magazine and Wolverhampton Magazine are high quality and high value magazines, and they need to reach a specific and discerning audience if we are to gain ROI,” said Paul Jones, Express Distribution, Group Distribution Manager. “Experian has given Express Distribution the edge, with postcode information that allows us to target our core readership more precisely than ever before. It means happy readers who get what they want delivered to their door — and happy advertisers, who know that their marketing messages are being read by people more likely to be interested in, and buy, their high quality products.”

“Experian has given Express Distribution the edge, with postcode information that allows us to target our core readership more precisely than ever before.”

Paul Jones, Express Distribution, Group Distribution Manager.

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