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Mosaic developments: what’s new?
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Digital advertising: targeting the right audience
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Census trends and the impact for marketing
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Mosaic developments: what’s new?

Get up to speed with our current Mosaic development and get an insight into demographic changes in society, what is new with Mosaic and why Mosaic remains the consumer classification system of choice for the cross-channel world. View this webcast to:

  • Find out more about Mosaic product development and what this means for you
  • Understand how we are building consumer classifications for the always on cross-channel consumer
  • Sneak a peek at our new user tools to help you interpret Mosaic and integrate it into your business

Speaker: Danny Thompson, Product Marketing Manager, Experian Marketing Services

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Digital advertising: is your digital strategy delivering the right audience?

Brands are now able to engage their customers through online advertising, digital tv platforms and social media. Using Mosaic, marketers can gain a greater accuracy in their marketing engagement through these channels. View this webcast to:

  • Understand how to target customers through these new channels
  • Hear real life examples of how this works in practice
  • Get an insight into how this can be applied within your organisation

Speaker: Jez Fawcett, Head of Digital Advertising Services, Experian Marketing Services

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What impact will the census trends have on marketing within your organisation?

Census data provides us with a fascinating insight into how the population is changing. Understanding the changing face of Britain and what this means for groups of your customers is essential to keep your marketing strategy effective. View this webcast to:

  • Gain an insight to key census trends and how you should respond to these trends within your organisation
  • Hear how Experian can help you make sense of the trends
  • Get an understanding of what the census changes will mean for Mosaic

Speaker: Richard Jenkings, Senior Consultant, Experian Marketing Services

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