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Regions and cities: Regional and city level data, forecasts and analysis

Leveraging on its pan-European and global presence, Experian provides detailed regional and city level data, forecast and analysis for Europe and Asia. This provides businesses and investors with the information they need to evaluate future performance.

Experian's knowledge of future national economic performance, industrial sector performance and demographic trends can help you to understand, evaluate and benchmark investment opportunities and performance across European regional and local markets, as well as key cities in Asia and China. These could be at the broader regional level or at a city level, or even at far more micro-geographical levels.

Key Services

European regional forecasts

Experian's forecasts allow you to compare regions and cities across Europe, identify the growth hotspots and understand the underlying dynamics of this growth. The European Regional Forecasting Service covers all key centres in the EU, including the new member states.

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UK regional planning

The respected and wide-reaching UK Regional Planning Service analyses UK industrial and regional performance, with comprehensive data and quarterly forecasts for the next 16 years at the UK and Government Office Region (GOR) levels.

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UK local market forecasts

High quality economic data and local area economic forecasts to inform your research and underpin your strategic planning.

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China city service

Experian's China city service evaluates the current and future investment potential of the major cities in mainland China.

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Asia key centres

Our Asia key centres research evaluates the current future investment potential of 16 Asian cities, allowing you to assess new opportunties and benchmark your strategy in this fast developing region.

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