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Tallyman - Develop customer management strategies that increase revenue opportunities

What does Tallyman debt collection software do?

TallymanThe deployment of debt management software tools in the Collections and Recoveries operation can help an organisation establish a centralised, consistent operation.

Would a cost-effective debt collection strategy and faster debt recoveries be beneficial to your business?

Tallyman is the sophisticated debt collection management software system that is at the heart of Decision Analytics Collections and Recoveries proposition from Experian. It segments customers into highly-specific customer types according to a wide range of variables, including payment pattern history whilst providing greater flexibility in managing customers and to assign accurate debt collections priority.

Key benefits

  • Increase cash flow by improving debt recovery rates and reducing bad debt write-offs
  • Reduce collections costs
  • Decrease time to collect
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Focus collections resources on high risk, complex cases
  • Improve recovery rates

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