Marketswitch Optimization

Maximising the performance of your
customer interactions

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Marketswitch Optimization offers a simple solution to what was previously a highly complex challenge – maximising the performance of your customer interactions by determining the optimal offer or message for each individual customer

It enables you to achieve your financial goals while simultaneously considering your contact policies, operational constraints and regulatory requirements.

How can Marketswitch Optimization help you?

Marketswitch Optimization is a highly strategic decisioning tool that uses a mathematical process to help you make value-maximising decisions across the customer life cycle – from prospecting through acquisition, in-life cross-sell and up-sell to retention and winback.

Designed for marketers, it helps you assign the best offer or action for each individual customer and determine the best contact time for optimal return on investment.

Marketswitch Optimization can provide:

  • Strategy design - Offer design, eligibility, business goals, channels, actions, analytics
  • What-If simulations - Improve planning and forecasting by determining the most profitable customer strategies.
  • Execution and tracking - Customer interaction systems
  • Deployment - Real time or off-line, individual level decisions

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