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How do we notice customers are struggling before they stop paying?

Joe shows signs of financial stress due to being over committed...

A few more years have passed. Joe has a few more grey hairs. Sally’s gone back to work full time which is great, but school fees for the kids are so much more expensive than he budgeted for. Everything in the house seems to be breaking at once, and Christmas is coming up again.

Joe is really struggling to make ends meet and doesn’t know how he has got into the situation. He’s got a good income, he’s always been responsible with his money – when did life get so tough?

The bank have realised that Joe is struggling, and worry that rather than a blip it could be the start of something a bit more serious. They decide to place Joe’s accounts in pre-arrears and use our  ExPIN single customer view, DCM data and Future Delphi Scores to look at the full value that Joe has outstanding, his overall relationship status and his potential future credit status. The outlook for Joe is not rosy.

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