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Illustrating a typical customer journey, what that means for your business and how we can support you every step of the way.

Challenges across the customer lifecycle

In the current climate, banks’ relationships with their customers are more important than ever before.

With a backdrop of poor public perception and a lack of trust, banks are having to work harder than ever to engage and retain good customers.

And with the challenging economic times, more and more customers are finding themselves in financial difficulties and look to their banks to help them through the bad times as well as the good.

But your high level customer goals remain the same – how does your business...


KNOW which prospects you want to target, and how best to engage them 

SME lending


ACQUIRE profitable new customers 

SME lending


MANAGE which prospects you want to target, and how best to engage them  

SME lending


GROW and develop effective, long term customer relationships 

SME lending

The journey

This site takes us on a journey with one of your customers, or at least someone who may seem familiar to you.  His name is Joe, and we follow his life to illustrate how a change in his personal circumstances affect his relationship with his bank.

Throughout the journey we’ll recognise how changes in Joe’s circumstances impact your business, creating commercial opportunities, illustrating key decision points and highlighting ways for you to improve the quality of your engagement.

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