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Reduce the cost of customer debt collections

With levels of consumer debt expected to remain high, making your collections system even more effective and more efficient now could significantly reduce operational costs, help you recover more debt and minimise credit write-offs.

By risk scoring and segmenting your customers into different groups, you can quickly identify your most high-risk customers. This allows you to reprioritise your resources more efficiently, automate more decisions, assign your most experienced collectors to more complex cases, and make the most effective use of third parties.

  • Automate more of your standard debt collections processes, minimising collections costs and recovery time
  • Make faster, more informed decisions by putting all the relevant information at your fingertips
  • Optimise prioritisation and the way you allocate resources and work queues based on accurate, up to date information
  • Our advanced credit scoring and strategy software allows for even more automation, increasing operational efficiencies.
  • We’ll integrate our data with your own to enable a deeper customer understanding and more informed decision making.
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