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Carphone Warehouse calls on Experian for debt collection data and analytics

Nottingham, UK, 12 March 2012 – Experian®, the global information services company, today announced it is to provide Carphone Warehouse with a range of services to enable more effective debt management across the business.

As part of its continued partnership with Arrow Global, the leading debt purchaser, Carphone Warehouse will be equipped with Experian data and analytic tools, that will help provide a comprehensive view of its customers.  Experian insight will then enable Arrow Global to better understand the financial situation of individual debtors and where to focus collection efforts, maximising recoveries across Carphone Warehouse’s debt portfolio.

Simon Waller, Head of Customer Management & Collections for Experian, said: “Having a crystal clear view of individual customers and their debt levels is critical for those in the telecommunications industry so they can prioritise collections efforts and treat customers according to their individual circumstances. This deal will ensure Carphone Warehouse manages its debt portfolios as effectively as possible and collections efforts are targeted appropriately.”

Clare Franzen, Head of Credit and Collections for Carphone Warehouse commented: “This is an exciting time for our business as we continue to explore avenues for growth and new developments, therefore managing debt and collections in the most effective way is vital. Experian’s wealth of data and tailored software services are imperative in supporting our customer decision making across the business.  Experian has been a key strategic partner for a number of years and we look forward to continuing this relationship.”


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