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Improve customer contact rates

Once an account falls into collections, you must act quickly to recover overdue debt to minimise the cost to the business. A typical strategy is to first send reminder notices followed by a telephone conversation. But if your customer information is inaccurate or incomplete, it can be difficult even to get hold of them to discuss payment options.

By appending additional contact details and customer information to your existing customer data, you can increase the likelihood of reaching an individual before the debt increases or gets too old.

  • Improve RPC rates by appending high quality contact information to your existing customer records
  • Get an early warning when customers are going to move house so you can act quickly to changing situations
  • Recover more debt by appending your data with additional landline or mobile phone numbers
  • Our high quality data and alerts delivered swiftly helps you react quickly to changing situations.
  • We provide the highest quality data from the greatest breadth and depth of sources to create the most accurate and up to date customer information.
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