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Effectively manage high credit risk customers

With constant economic ups and downs, your customers can fall into financial difficulty at any time. But if you’re one of the last to know, the situation can be difficult to reverse, leading to significant losses for your business.

By staying constantly aware of changing customer circumstances and economic shifts that could negatively impact their ability to pay, you have the power to react quickly to potential payment problems and make the safest business decisions.

  • Assess the effect of market conditions on a customer’s long-term ability to pay you
  • Spot changes in a customer’s financial situation as soon as they happen with real-time tracking, instant updates and alerts
  • Comply with regulation by accurately measuring a customer’s financial capacity to fund new debts, now and in the future
  • Our sophisticated risk data models incorporate a wide variety of potential risk behaviour and failures that could affect you.
  • Our scorecards predict the impact of both future macro and micro trends using unique consumer and market information.
  • We’ll integrate data from multiple credit bureaux and other sources, within and across national borders, to your own to give you a deeper customer understanding.
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