Will the status code U on my credit report damage my score?

Dear James,

Is the row of U's on my credit report damaging my credit score?  My energy provider didn’t send me a bill for 18 months and despite my protests they have marked my credit report as if it was my fault? 

Alan, York

Dear Alan,

You don’t need to worry about the row of U’s recorded on your credit report. These will not have any adverse effect on your credit score. As you’re probably aware, open accounts will be updated on a monthly basis with the latest balance and a status code to indicate the number of months in arrears. If you’re not in arrears the status code will be a 0.  In some circumstances lenders can also use letters to give more information, which is what has been used on your report for this account.  In this case the status code U, which actually stands for ‘unclassified’, has been registered to indicate that the account was not in a position to be updated. This is not negative and will not damage your credit score. You often see the status code U used at the start of a credit agreement when no payment is due for a while.  You can find a full list of status codes on our website. (September 2016)


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