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Will sharing the same surname and address mean my partner’s credit history is linked to mine?

Hello James,

I have been married for over a year, my partner’s credit is near excellent but mine is poor. I haven't allowed her to change her surname to mine because I don't want my adverse credit to affect her excellent credit. We have no joint finances, but my challenge is if she takes my surname will my credit affect hers? My partner owns the house we stay in and my mail does not come to this address. I want to change my address on my bank statements and phone bills and electoral roll to where we are staying now. If I do this will my adverse credit affect my partner's credit rating? Will creditors look at my credit to decide whether to give my partner credit if she is personally applying for credit; if our surnames are the same and we live at the same electoral address?

Kojoh, Purfleet

Dear Kojoh,

I'm happy to clarify this for you because it’s an issue many people misunderstand. Being in a person relationship with someone does not link up your credit reports. Neither does living at the same address. Credit reports can only become linked if two people actually apply for credit together or they tell us or a lender that they are financially connected. So, as long as you keep your finances completely separate, your credit reports will stay separate, regardless of whether you live together or share the same surname. If you’ve not done so already, I would encourage you to check your credit report to see exactly where things stand at the moment, which might help you work out what you need to do to improve your credit rating. You should also consider ordering your Experian Credit Score as this comes with plenty of advice and a score simulator tool to help you plot a route to a more creditworthy future.

James Sign

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