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How can I make up for the fact that I am ineligible to vote?

Dear James,

I'm a foreign national and therefore cannot register on the electoral roll. I know this affects my credit rating and was wondering what can I do to improve this? I've been told I could provide a proof of address instead of the registration on the electoral roll. If this is true how do I go about doing this? Many thanks.


Nicky, London

Dear Nicky,

Actually, not being registered to vote can affect more than just your credit rating. For instance, it can make it more difficult to open a savings account or buy shares. This is because, to satisfy money laundering regulations, many financial service providers use online authentication services which can use the information on your credit report to help confirm your identity. Our fact sheet Your Credit Report and the Electoral Register explains this in more detail, along with the things you can do if you cannot register to vote. This includes adding a note to your credit report to explain why you can’t register and offering paper-based proof of your identity instead. I hope this helps you avoid too many problems in the future.

James Sign

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