Will opting out of the open register affect my credit score?

Dear James,

In conversation with my bank, it was mentioned that opting out of the open electoral register can have an adverse effect on my credit rating.  Is this true?

Colin, Hayling

Dear Colin,

The good news is that opting out of the ‘open register’ will not have a negative affect your credit score. When you register to vote your name will automatically be included in the ’full register’, which is available for limited purposes such as administering elections and, helpfully, credit checking. This means that lenders can view this information, when you’ve given them permission to view your credit report, to help check your name and address. This is why being registered to vote can have a positive impact on your credit score – lenders use it to help confirm your identity. The open register can be accesses by anyone for any purpose, such as creating mailing lists. But you can opt out of this when you register if you’d rather this didn’t happen, with no impact on your credit score.


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