Can I order a credit report using my partner’s card?

Dear James,

I was made bankrupt six years ago and so I don't have a bank account. Can I order a report for me through my partner's card or how can I get a report

Fisher, Falkirk

Dear Fisher,

You certainly can use your partner’s credit or debit card to order your own report, with their permission of course. Do bear in mind though that we usually use card details to help verify your identity, so if you do use someone else’s card we may have to ask you for additional proof of name and address. Alternatively, you can post your credit report application to us and pay by Postal Order. Just following the prompts on our website whichever route you choose. Now your bankruptcy has ended you might benefit from opening up a bank account. You will certainly qualify for a basic ‘no frills’ account and there’s a great guide on these at (September 2014)


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