When will bankruptcy drop off my report?

Dear James,

How long do bankruptcy details stay on one's credit reference?

Valerie, Nottingham

Dear Valerie,

A bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for six years from the original date of the order, as long as it has been discharged by then. We keep bankruptcies that last longer than six years until they are discharged.  After discharge it’s sensible to check your credit report to make sure any debts that were included in the bankruptcy have also been updated.  If you review your credit report and find any that haven’t been updated please tell us so we can help.  Once the bankruptcy drops off your report it will no longer be visible to lenders carrying out a credit check. But bear in mind that some lenders ask you on the application form if you’ve been bankrupt in the past, so it might still come into play for some lenders’ decisions. (September 2014)


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