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Can you help me update my bank default?


Dear James,


On my report my HSBC account is defaulted and this is incorrect – what should I do? It should be changed to ‘satisfied’. I believe this information is preventing me from opening a bank account anywhere. 


Muriel, London


Dear Muriel,

It’s important that your credit report is a factual record of how your accounts have been managed. If you have defaulted on a credit agreement then it will remain recorded as a ‘default’ for six years from the default date. However, it certainly should show if the balance has been repaid and from what you say this appears to be the case. We can happily take this matter up with the bank for you if you give us details. Below you’ll see a detailed summary of our credit report dispute process including our contact details, which vary depending on how you’ve accessed your Experian credit report.  

Here’s a step-by-step guide to raising a credit report dispute with Experian:

1. Get a current copy of your Experian Credit Report

If you don't have one you can sign up to CreditExpert or order a one-off £2 statutory report.

2. Let us know which entry isn’t accurate

Tell us which entry is wrong, and what’s wrong with it.

To query information on your statutory Experian credit report, fill out our online query form.

If you’re a CreditExpert member, please email us at or call us on 0344 481 0800 and we will raise the dispute for you.

3. We’ll contact the organisation that’s recorded this information on your report

And we’ll ask them to check the accuracy of the data they’ve recorded. We’ll let you know that we’re doing this, and we’ll add a ‘Notice of Dispute’ to the entry – so that anyone looking at your report in the meantime will know that the entry is being disputed. We do this because we can’t delete or change the data without their permission.

4. We’ll let you know the outcome

Once the organisation replies to us we’ll be in touch to let you know whether they’ve said it needs changing, deleting, or told us that it’s correct. It takes 10 days on average for us to receive a response from most organisations and we’ll let you know as soon as we hear from them. You’ll be able to see any changes on your credit report.

You can also contact the organisation directly yourself. Only the organisation can give authorisation for the data to be changed or deleted, so your contact with them can speed up the time it takes to get something corrected.

5. Further help

If the organisation responds informing us that they believe the information is accurate and you still disagree, we will explain the next step you can take, including adding a notice of correction to the entry and referring the matter to a third party to arbitrate.

 (February 2014)

James Sign

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