Will my bankruptcy destroy my partner’s credit rating?

Dear James,

I was made bankrupt in Feb 2012 and I am on my partner's car insurance policy. Does my name show up on his credit report and can it affect his credit score?

Joanne, Wrexham

Dear Joanne,

If the only 'financial' link you share with your partner is the insurance policy and you didn't choose to pay for the premium in instalments (i.e. on credit) then you may find that your credit reports aren't linked at all and your bankruptcy won't therefore be hurting his credit rating. But the only way to be sure is to order a copy of your credit report and check the section entitled 'financial associates'. If you are recorded as a financial unit then this is where the link will show. But if you get your report, for example, and your partner's name isn't mentioned then his credit rating won't be being affected by your financial problems - unless you apply for credit jointly in the future. (October 2013)


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