How do I update debt cleared by my Debt Relief Order?

Dear James,

I have a creditor on my credit report that is still saying the debt is outstanding, but this was settled in a Debt Relief Order (DRO).  All of the other creditors complied with the order.  However this company has kept my debt as outstanding and still trying to reclaim it.  I have phoned and written to them on multiple occasions but they do not respond.  What can I do to have this removed? Who do I contact?

Michael, Harbledown

Dear Michael,

As the debt was included in your DRO (a form of personal insolvency) and this has since been discharged, the creditor certainly shouldn't be still pursuing it. The information on your credit report also needs updating to show that this debt is no longer outstanding - otherwise lenders checking your credit report to assess any new applications you make will get the wrong impression. I suggest you make a formal written complaint to the lender, keeping copies of all correspondence. If you fail to get a satisfactory response you can refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service. You can also raise an online query about the entry on your Experian credit report via our website and we'll take the matter up with the creditor for you. If you wish we can help you add a notice of correction to your report to set the record straight in the meantime. (October 2013)


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