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Who is responsible for data accuracy and correcting a mistake?


Dear James,


If a company submits incorrect customer information to you, who is responsible for correcting the mistake? Specifically, the company incorrectly sent data showing that the customer had missed payments resulting in default, when in fact the company had incorrectly allocated the payments to a different account. The company now says it's up to the customer to correct the error, but my understanding is that the company should submit corrected information to you and let the customer know when it has done so. 


Debra, Warrington

Dear Debra,

Any lender that shares credit account information through a credit reference agency is certainly responsible for making sure the information is accurate and kept up to date. The credit reference agency should also take reasonable steps to make sure the information is correct too, such as making practical checks of the information as it is received. If the credit reference agency is alerted to a discrepancy, it should mark the data as ‘disputed’ while it is investigated. In the case you describe, if the lender has identified and accepted that wrong information has been registered then it should certainly take prompt steps to update the incorrect information and notify the customer. If you’re aware of an incorrect entry on your or someone else’s Experian report, please let us know so we can look into it. (August 2013)

James Sign

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