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Do you remove defaults even when still outstanding?


Dear James,


I have some card defaults registered from January 2010. Once I get to Jan 2016 will these be taken off my credit report, even though I will still be chipping away at the balances? Appreciate your advice. 


Adrian, Colchester


Dear Adrian,

We remove defaults from your report six years after the default date and this is irrespective of any outstanding balance. Once a default drops off your report the lender cannot re-register it. The six year period reflects how long credit report entries remain relevant to credit scoring, after which time we cannot justify holding the information. This previous Ask James question provides a bit more detail on this. Of course, an entry dropping off your credit report doesn’t affect your liability to repay any outstanding debt. And it could still have an impact on future credit applications as lenders often enquire on their application forms about any outstanding debt you have.

James Sign

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