Can Experian put a block on future credit applications?

Dear James,

Is it possible for clients with spending addictions to provide your organisation with written authority to mark their personal credit record to the effect that they do not want to be provided with credit facilities? If it is possible, do you have specific forms for that purpose? Three separate clients have raised this query with me recently in my capacity as Money Adviser with Citizen's Advice.

Jim, Dumfires

Dear Jim,

We can certainly help with challenges like this. What we would do is add a short notice, called a notice of correction, explaining the circumstances to prospective lenders. The note can either come directly from the client or from someone with legal power to act on their behalf. We would then add the note to the client’s credit report and any further credit checks would reveal it. The note would then stay there until we were asked to remove it. We don’t have a specific form for this, but the easiest way to submit a request like this is using the Experian online query form. The client would need to obtain a credit report before we could add a note to it. Hope that helps. (September 2012)


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