How can I protect my ID following purse theft?

Dear James,

I have had my purse stolen with all my bank and store cards and several forms of ID (photographic and non photographic) which have my address and date of birth. How can I best protect my identity? Anne, Nottingham

Dear Anne,

Sorry to hear about this – you must be quite worried. Adding some security features to your credit report would be a sensible move and should give you some peace of mind. The easiest way to do this with all three credit reference agencies is by arranging for a CIFAS Protective Registration. For a fee of £20 a marker will be added to your credit reports at all three credit reference agencies, for two years, to warn lenders to take extra care when assessing an application in your name. We can also advise you about adding a ‘notice of correction’ to your credit report containing a password and asking prospective lenders to request it to check that future credit applications are genuine. Unlike CIFAS, you would need to add this with each of the three credit reference agencies. Rest assured that if any fraudulent activity does takes place, our Victims of Fraud team will be able to help you set the record straight as quickly and painlessly as possible. (February 2013. Updated October 2017)


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