How do I remove my ex from my mortgage?

Dear James,

I married in 2000 we got joint mortgage. We then split in 2006 and I took on all the debt and I now have less than adequate credit. I want to take my ex-partner’s name of mortgage but the advisor told me because of adverse credit they won't let me make any changes. Is there anything I can do so I can sort my mortgage out?

Theresa, Falkirk

Dear Theresa,

If the mortgage is the only remaining joint debt with your ex-partner and you’ve lived apart from more than six months, you can actually ask us to break the link between your credit reports – simply fill out this financial connections questionnaire. The effect of this will be to stop any information about your ex affecting your credit rating in the future. This may help improve your credit rating, depending on the state of your ex’s finances. However, if you have adverse information registered on your own credit report, you might still struggle to transfer the mortgage into just your name. I suggest you obtain a copy of your credit report and then see if you can improve it. Make sure everything is accurate and up to date, particularly accounts where payments have been missed, and consider adding a notice of correction to your report to explain any missed payments. If you do use the CreditExpert free trial, you’ll get your Experian Credit Score which will give you a great idea of which elements of your credit report are letting you down and how you might address this. Once you’ve done what you can to boost your credit rating, go back to the advisor to see what they say. If they still can’t help, consider approaching a mortgage broker to see whether a new lender might be able to help. They may of course advise you to sit tight for a period of time while your credit rating improves. It should improve over time as long as you stay on top of any credit you’re using now and make all your repayments on time.  (September 2014)


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