Can you help us with spelling challenge?

Dear James,

We live in a road with no numbers! The name of our house is spelt incorrectly on all postcode searches, official documents etc. It's only an ‘e’ where there should be an ‘i’!  How can we get it changed please, so that it does not cause problems in the future?  We've lived there since 1990! 

Linda, Carterton

Dear Linda,

I think I can help. There are two main records of your address that we use to target credit checks: the electoral roll, managed by your local council, and the postcode address file (PAF), managed by Royal Mail. If either of these is wrong then it’s likely to cause you problems with your credit rating and elsewhere, particularly the PAF as so many organisations use it to manage customer addresses. You can easily get in touch with the electoral registration department of your local council to check how they spell your house name. And you can use the postcode finder on the Royal Mail website to check how your address is listed by them on the PAF. If there is a mistake here, follow the link below to get it corrected. Once any errors have been rectified I suggest you wait 4-6 weeks then check your credit report to make sure everything’s in order. If some of your lenders also have your house name incorrectly spelt then our Customer Support Centre should be able to help you get those records corrected, although you may also need to contact the lenders direct. (January 2013)


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