How can I stop my vulnerable son accessing further credit?

Dear James,

Can I as a parent of a vulnerable adult – who in the past amassed serious debt that my husband and I paid off therefore still leaving him with a good credit rating – can I place some sort of marker on his credit rating to prevent my son from taking out further credit? My husband has now been appointed a deputy by the court of protection. Alternatively, what can you best advise us to do?

Penelope, Durham

Dear Penelope,

Yes we certainly can help with this. Your husband needs to send us a copy of the first general order confirming his appointment as Deputy.  We don’t need the original order.  He should also ask us to add a note to your son’s credit report outlining the circumstances. There is actually an agreed form of wording for this, which is: “The above is a patient under the protection of the court of protection and (name of Deputy) has been appointed by the court to act as Deputy of his/her financial affairs. A copy of the first general order confirming his appointment has been provided to Experian.  In the event that (the patient) applies for any form of credit or loan can you please contact (tel number of the Deputy). No facilities should be extended to (the patient) without prior approval by his Deputy.” Obviously you’ll need to add in your relevant details. The note will then be included on any credit check we carry out in your son’s name, making sure that any lenders he approaches are made aware of the circumstances. You will also need to make a similar request to the other two credit reference agencies. (August 2012, updated June 2014)


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