Why can’t you include service voters information on credit reports?

Dear James,

Why won’t the credit reference agencies add voter registrations from service voters (of which there are over 100 thousand) to their credit files?  It adversely affects our credit scores.  Although the information is usually kept secret we can obtain proof from our local councils. However, I have been told this will still not be added to our credit file.

Mike, Wigan

Dear Mike,

We can and do add service voter information to credit reports, but it does depend how you register as to whether your information makes it onto your credit report. The information should appear on your report if you register a regular UK address on the service voters’ form. If, however, you merely register a contact address, the information will be published in the electoral register without an address, meaning we cannot process the data. The ‘How credit checking works’ guide, that we helped the Ministry of Defence put together, provides further details as well as some more general advice on managing credit and credit histories while serving overseas. (August 2012)


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