What’s the best way to check my report for fraud?

Dear James,

I have been told by Littlewoods that my personal ID details may have been used by another person.  In order to check my credit ratings I would like to request a copy of my credit report or a subject access request.  Which of these two would you recommend?

Eileen, Glasgow

Dear Eileen,

I’m sorry to hear you might be a victim of identity fraud. It is certainly sensible to come to Experian to check your credit history under these circumstances. If an ID crook has been masquerading as you then you’re very likely to find evidence of this on your Experian credit report. A basic copy of your credit report is all you need, whether you get your £2 statutory credit report or access your report for free using the 30-day CreditExpert trial. Once you’ve got your report, go through it carefully looking for unfamiliar entries. If you find any evidence of fraud then please send us an email at identityfraud@uk.experian.com and a member of our Victims of Fraud team will be back in touch shortly. They will alert the other credit reference agencies for you and will help you liaise with any lenders involved to try to set the record straight as quickly as possible. And if further fraud is likely they will give you advice on adding security features to your report to help safeguard your details and give you some peace of mind. (November 2012)


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