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Why is my daughter’s loan affecting my credit rating?


Dear James,


I stood as guarantor to help my nineteen-year-old daughter purchase a new car on finance. I now find myself unable to obtain credit because of this. On my credit report the car finance is showing as my debt, surely this can’t be correct? I have never had a problem in the past getting credit, so why is this having a negative impact on my credit report? I would not have stood as guarantor had I known this and feel very misled. Is there anything I can do? Thank you.



Jackie, Hartlepool


Dear Jackie,

When you agree to act as guarantor for someone else who wants credit, you are effectively committing to make the payments yourself if the other person fails to. That means you are accepting responsibility for the debt and, as a result, the lender in question may register a record of the loan on your credit report too. Any lender carrying out a credit check on you would I’m sure wish to know about the financial commitment when they work out what further credit they think you can afford to take on. Acting as guarantor is also likely to create a financial link between you and your daughter on your credit reports. As a result, any lender you approach can also review your daughter’s credit report, in view of the financial relationship between you. The implications of acting as guarantor should have been made clear to you at the beginning. You can, of course, contact us to break this link once the loan is repaid, or sooner if the lender agrees to remove your name from the agreement. You suggest that the loan is stopping you from getting credit and I’m wondering how you have reached this conclusion. If you are refused credit it’s always worth asking the lender to give you a specific reason – and sometimes you need to ask for this – because it can give you some useful pointers for next time. If the loan has so far been repaid on time it could actually be seen as a positive record and be helpful to your credit rating. If you chose to get your credit report using our CreditExpert service you’ll also have received a score to summarise the health of your credit history, with advice on how you might be able to improve it. This might also help you work out what the problem is.

James Sign

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