Should I report the death of my wife to you to prevent fraud?

Dear James,

My wife has died. Should I give Experian the details, to prevent her name being used for identity fraud?

Raymond, Crewe

Dear Raymond,

Please accept my condolences on the loss of your wife. It is certainly a good idea to alert Experian and the other credit reference agencies to your wife’s passing. Remarkably, some fraudsters do target the identities of the recently deceased. Although compared to other sorts of fraud it’s not widespread, cases increased by 37.5% last year according to CIFAS – The UK’s fraud Prevention Service. We will check to make sure all her credit agreements have been closed down and also make it clear on our records that she has passed away. For details on how to proceed please read our Bereavement or serious illness guide. Best wishes to you and your family. (April 2012)


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