Can I get credit history records going back ten years?

Dear James,

Is it possible to access all my credit records going back at least 10 years? How much will it cost me to find out this information?

Malcolm, Nelson

Dear Malcolm,

I’ve received questions from a few people on this issue, including Valerie from Port Sunlight. Credit reports only stretch back six years I’m afraid, a period of time agreed between the industry and the regulators. Your report may show accounts opened much longer ago than this of course, but only where they were active within the last six years. We do not include credit agreement account numbers on credit reports for security reasons. So if you are making a PPI claim, don’t have the agreement number but the account is included on your credit report, simply include a copy of the entry from your report with the claim and the lender should be able to locate it on their records. Failing that, you can ask us to raise it with the lender for you. (April 2012)


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