Can you explain mystery address link?

Dear James,

I have just received my report from Experian and I have an address on it that I haven’t been a tenant at and don't recognise. If you could please give me an explanation to why this may be I would appreciate it very much.

Mary-Anne, Paisley

Dear Mary-Anne,

The linked addresses that you see on your credit report are largely created by your lenders, in one of two ways. The first is when you move home and take open credit agreements with you. The second is when you apply for credit and provide your current and previous addresses. Beside each linked address on your report you will find details of who created the link and when. You can then contact the organisation in question and, if they have registered an address not connected to you, discuss that with them. If you do this and have no success, or if you’d rather we take the matter up for you, simply send us an email through our website asking us to dispute the entry for you. If the lender agrees that the address is incorrect we’ll make sure it’s removed from your report. (April 2012)


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