How do I access a report of my business debts?

Dear James,

I received report but my debts where not showing on report. The debts I have were for a failed partnership business – should I ask for a report with the business name rather than my own name?

Pete, Birkenhead

Dear Pete,

You most certainly do need to request a report referencing the name of your former business, but how you do this depends on whether you ran a limited or a non-limited company. If you ran a limited company then you can order a report from Experian’s small business unit. This will give you a detailed analysis of the business’s credit history and credit score. The cost for this is around £100. If, however, your partnership was unincorporated, you can download our non-limited business report application form, complete it and send it back to us with the much lower fee of £2. Please make sure you tell us about all relevant addresses over the past six years, to make sure your report is comprehensive.(November 2012)


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