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What do I need to do to get your records updated?


Dear James,


Your records show I have balance with Sainsbury’s bank. This is not true as this has recently been paid in full and the account closed. What do I need to do to get your records updated?            


Robert, Ruislip


Dear Robert,

You actually need to do nothing. Lenders who contribute data to Experian’s credit reference agency, like Sainsbury’s Bank, refresh this data each month. As a result, the closure of your account should be automatically reflected on your Experian credit report within around four to six weeks, depending on when the closure took place and when this lender sends us their updates. If you have chosen to monitor your credit report using our CreditExpert service then we’ll actually tell you when the account status changes to settled, as this is one of the changes that triggers an alert. If you aren’t monitoring your report, when you next order a copy of your report I’m sure it will confirm the change for you.


James Sign

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