Will applying for Child Tax Credit with my husband link up our credit reports?

Dear James,

Can you advise whether applying for Child Tax Credit (which I understand I have to do jointly with my husband) would create a financial link between my husband and I?  The reason for the question is my husband had a number of bad debts when we met and a poor credit rating.  As a result, we have always kept our finances very separate and have no joint loans / mortgage / bank acts etc.  I do not want to apply for Child Tax Credit if this would create a financial link and affect my credit rating.  Many thanks.

Karen, Hants

Dear Karen,

I’m pleased to say you’ve no need to worry. Applying for any sort of tax credit won’t lead to a credit check through a credit reference agency like Experian – it’s not a form of credit – so it won’t result in you and your husband becoming linked on your credit reports. Remember that you always have to give your permission for a credit check to take place so you should always know when your report is about to be checked. I’m wondering whether your husband has checked his credit report recently. Debts are usually recorded for six years so things may have improved since you first got together. If he hasn’t checked his details, he can get a free Experian report if he signs up for a 30-day free trial of our CreditExpert service. (March 2012)


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