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 Other credit agencies

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Does Experian hold different information to the other credit reference agencies?
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Yes. Because we are a totally separate company to Equifax and Callcredit, some of the information we hold is different to them. You may want to contact the other two UK Credit Reference Agencies for a copy of the information they hold. Click here for the other credit reference agencies’ contact details. 910

How do I contact the other credit reference agencies?
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You can find contact details for the other agencies by clicking on the 'Links' tab above. 791

If one company turned me down for credit would others do the same?
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Not necessarily. Different companies take different factors into account when deciding whether or not to lend. One company may refuse you a loan while another may accept an application from you. If you are declined you should always request a copy of your report before you make further applications. Multiple applications for credit over a short period of time can influence a lender's decision so it is always advisable to understand the reasons you may have been declined before contacting other lenders.

If you don't have a copy of your credit report you can click here for information about ordering one. 481

Who regulates Experian's work?
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Experian is licensed by the Office of Fair Trading under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and registered with the Information Commissioner's Office. We also regularly consult consumer organisations such as Citizens Advice, the National Consumer Council, and the Consumers' Association. 479