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 About other names (aliases)

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What are aliases and how are they created?
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An alias is any other name you have been known by. As a result any financial information in these names appears on your report. We create aliases from the information you give to lenders, information you give to us, or from the public records. Your report will also show you how we know about the other name. 566

What is an association and how are they created?
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An association shows that you have a financial connection with someone else. This is created by joint judgments, joint accounts, joint credit applications, or from information you gave to us or to lenders. Associations are not created for business partners. The name of the person you have a financial connection with will appear on your credit report, but the financial information about them will not. Your credit report will only show information about you.

Lenders can see financial information about anyone you are financially connected to and may take account of this when you apply for credit. If you believe that somebody else's credit report caused a lender to refuse you credit, you may wish to ask that other person to request a copy of their own credit report. However, they do not have to do so nor do they have to show you their credit report.

If your credit report shows a financial connection that is no longer correct, you can ask us to remove it in the following ways.

Please always provide us with your full name and the full name of the person you want to be disassociated from, plus dates of birth, your relationship to that person, and any addresses you have shared. 1016