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Property Data

Property data to help you to make more informed decisions

As a credit provider understanding more details about an individual’s property can help you to make more informed decisions about the products and services you may offer.

An individual’s property can provide valuable insight about your customer, for example it can help you to identify when an individual puts their house up for sale, if that individual owns the property and how much equity is in the property.

Moving house can indicate a change of circumstances for your customers and often the first time you hear of your customer’s house move is afterwards when they’re updating their correspondence details or contacting you to cancel a product. It’s important that you can be there to help them through the process and evaluate their existing products, see if the products are still suitable and potentially offer more suitable or additional solutions.

Knowing whether an individual owns a property and its equity value can help your organisation make responsible and accurate decisions.

Understanding the makeup of an individual’s property including information such as how many bedrooms a property has can help you to pre populate data during an individual’s application process, making it an easier and straightforward journey.

Who is property data for?

Experian’s property data is used by various providers including credit, utilities, Telecommunications and Insurance.

Key Benefits

  • Understand an individual’s equity position so you are able to make informed decisions on how to manage their account
  • Anticipate customer needs when they move house or put a property up for sale allowing you to make early contact and ensure you continue to offer the most suitable products and services
  • Help make the customer journey smoother by pre populating customers property information when they are applying for products or services
  • Verify if an individual owns the property so you are able to make responsible decisions.

How it works?

Our property data is available on a regular basis through batch or via a number of online solutions.

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