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Notification Services - Triggers

What can it do for me?

Experian’s Triggers credit notification services is an automated system that provides immediate alerts on key consumer credit customer management events to help lenders monitor consumer credit in their own portfolio.

Notification Services alert lenders to changes in their customers’ financial circumstances, allowing them to react instantly to efficiently manage credit risk. This enables them to minimise exposure to bad debt and manage their customers responsibly.

Different sets of ‘Triggers’ – such as Risk Triggers and Collections Triggers – are designed to improve a lender’s ability to respond to key credit-related activity, in a timely manner. Experian monitors its credit bureau for significant events that are likely to influence the lender’s decision making process and then provides a series of Triggers generated from these events.

Each lender can decide which Triggers are most important to them and elect to receive only these Triggers from Experian on a daily basis.

A few key facts

  • React swiftly to symptoms of a customer's declining financial status.
  • Minimise the potential losses suffered through bad debt.

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